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10 Things Every Mama Needs to Survive Back-to-School

By Shelley Hopper, FIT4MOM Digital Media Manager

This guest post comes courtesy of our partner, FIT4MOM, whose mission is to bring exercise and support to moms all around the country.


Wasn’t it just yesterday you were born?! Wasn’t it just yesterday we were singing lullabies instead of packing lunch boxes?! Wasn’t it just yesterday we were potty training instead of using pull-ups?! Wasn’t it just yesterday you were learning to crawl, then walk, instead of running to meet friends at recess?! I can’t with how fast time is flying. Every little old lady who has ever looked at us at the park and said  “Oh, cherish this, it all goes by so fast” was right. And you know what? I’ve always known they were right. But, amongst the chaos and the meltdowns, I’ve truly cherished every single second.

Tissues are an absolute necessity on the first day of school, because, as moms, we will cry. It’s not a matter of if, just a matter of when. And guess what? THAT’S OKAY! Hi, it’s called emotions, flashbacks, and a little memory slideshow plays in our heads from the day our babes were born to this moment, right here, dropping them off at school – whether it’s to daycare, pre-K/T-K, the first day of kindergarten, a new grade, the first day of middle school, high school, or even college…WOAH. It’s like, a lot. Cry. Ugly cry. Sniffle. Let it out. Waterproof makeup and tissues are your BFFs the first day of school.

2. Caffeine – Coffee, tea, chocolate…..take your pick

Whether you work part/full-time or are a SAHM, the earlier mornings and back-to-school hustle and bustle is real; real hectic, real exhausting, and real emotional. If coffee is your thing, fill ‘er up. If decaf tea brings you some quiet peace before the kids are off, soak in an extra ten minutes snuggling up to a cup before your littles wake up (my fav tea brand is Buddha Teas out of Carlsbad, CA; yes they ship!) If tea and coffee aren’t your jam, we won’t judge you if you eat a Snickers bar for breakfast this week. #themotherhoodisreal, and saying goodbye to summer and hello to new teachers, new schools, and new growth is downright heart-tugging (even though giving our babes wings is the absolute best, strongest thing we can do)! Looking for a healthier chocolate item? Try our no-bake brekkie cookies.

3. Lunchbox inspo…get your Pinterest on

Actually, since #momlife is hectic AF, we’ve got you…click here for all our quick + easy favorite lunchbox combos. Our hack? Make what you can the night before. Every single second counts in the morning; because we all know it can take ten years to get our littles to brush their teeth and find the missing shoe that a “monster” apparently ate overnight…

Find our favorite lunchbox bento boxes here, too! and also, totally crushing on Pottery Barn’s personalized lunch boxes – they fit the Yumbox I love + these ice packs.

4. Sleep – ideally more than 7 hours

I hear sleep where you actually get REM exists in another world somewhere? Hint: the name doesn’t start with an M (ahem, motherhood). Lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep can increase anxiety and increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes (National Institute of Health, 2018). Plus, a tired mama is no match for feisty, tired toddlers or kiddos. Your health literally depends on a good night’s sleep, and so do your littles. Looking for tips to help improve your sleep habits? We’ve got you, Mama. Read our article, “Healthy Sleep Habits: How to Unwind the Mind before Bed” here.

For the rest of the list, view the full article on FIT4MOM’s Blog here.

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