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A Poem for My Kindergartener

By Shelley Hopper, FIT4MOM Digital Media Manager

This guest post comes courtesy of our partner, FIT4MOM, whose mission is to bring exercise and support to moms all around the country.

Happy first day of kinder, my how you’ve grown;

It feels like just yesterday, my belly was your home.

When you first started preschool, I couldn’t believe it was time,

Our new routine went from two half days to three, then, overnight, it climbed…

In a blink, it was time I went back to work from part-time to full…

Adventures with you the first 3 years sure filled my heart and my soul.

I knew you were scared when we toured your first school,

because you were my little hip-hugging koala (and oh boy, was I was trying to play it cool).

The entire first year you clung to my side at morning drop-offs with a heart-tugging plea…

“Please don’t go, Mama. I love you…can I have one more huggie?”

Leaving you each time, I’d feel my chest gasping for air.

I knew you would shine as soon as I left, but boy, in those moments, real life felt so unfair.

How could someone besides me keep you safe and secure?

But we both spread our wings, and just like that, ages 3-5 went by in a blur.

Preschool turned to T-K, and now T-K into kinder.

How on earth are you turning 5 and in grade school?! Father Time, I’d like to beg to differ…

This weekend it finally hit me, you’re a toddler no more.

My sweet baby boy, it’s time for you to truly soar.

For the rest of the poem, view the full article on FIT4MOM’s Blog here.

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