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Hey Sweet Mama, Here Is Some Advice As You Enter Into Motherhood...

By Shelley Hopper, FIT4MOM Digital Media Manager

When you enter into the world of motherhood, you enter a whole new world (and we’re not referring to a magic carpet ride like in Aladdin).

We’re talking about suddenly questioning why mothers haven’t evolved to have 8 arms or eyes in the back of their heads yet…

We’re talking about why there wasn’t Uber Eats, Door Dash, or grocery delivery 5 years ago for us mamas who are now in toddlerhood.

We’re talking about why it’s important to actually nap during the day after you were up nursing all night or warming bottles every hour, or changing 12 blowouts in a day.

We’re talking about the REAL side of motherhood and the advice you actually need from real moms who have been in your shoes.

So, we rounded up our community and asked our mamas, some daddios/partners, and some grandparents what their advice to a new mom would be, and here are their answers…

“Don’t be so quick to “get your old body back.” The truth of the matter is, nothing will ever be the same, including your body. Take time to honor how beautiful it is, nourish it well, and admire how it can sustain another life so wonderfully.” – Katelyn Davis, Doula

“Get an Amazon prime membership and some awesome mom friends.”  – Sara B., Mama

“Don’t worry so much about being perfect. Your children know and receive your love when shown it. Concentrate on giving that and the rest will work itself out! And they’ll love you forever for it!” – Brad Deuel, Daddio to 2

“Letting go of that old version of your life – you know the one where you lived it for you, when you followed the schedule YOU dictated, the version of you that could leave the house at a moments notice – letting go of that freedom can be HARD. You’re not selfish for missing it. You CAN figure out a way to navigate your new life in a way that doesn’t feel stifling. Give it some time! Oh, and find a FIT4MOM franchise near you! Finding @fit4momlouisville was a huge turning point for me as a new mama.” – raisingthesekyseeds via Instagram

“Trust your instincts and that also includes all the advice you will get from family and friends. You’ve carried that child for 9+ months. Your little one is an extension of you (even if he/she comes out looking exactly like dad ). You two are more in-tune to each other than you think.” – Tiffany Handcock Clark, Mama

“Do not let mom guilt, judgmental people (other moms, mothers, mothers-in-law, fitness-crazy, super religious moms and most of all anyone (solely) for or against breast feeding) dictate how you feel you should raise your child. Seriously some boobs and babies just don’t mix! Trust your mom instincts, you have them!! Sleep when you can, always… ALWAYS HAVE SNACKS, a change of clothes for you and baby in the car (trust me, it was a poop thing and I had to wear it for hours). Take pictures, write things down so you can remember their favorite food (trust me they will ask…‘What was my favorite…?’). Ask for help. Yes, we are warriors, but it takes a village! And again, sleep when you can! ” – Melissa Burke Burnette, Mama

“My advice – trust your mama gut. My husband’s advice – get rid of all your clocks, lol. The baby sets the schedule for a while, so let yourself enjoy those minutes instead of worrying about what time it is or what you “should” be doing.” – Kimberly J. Clarkston, Mama

“I think what made me transition into Mommy world easily was that I put in the effort to include my friends and family in this new chapter. I would encourage new moms to make time for loved ones to be a part of your life as a new mommy- invite people over for coffee, order a pizza, have a girls’ night, run out for coffee and leave baby with daddy, have girls come to watch a movie, have dinner, stroller dates – everything! You are still you and you need to have that balance in your world so you don’t lose the “old you.” Many people will not invite themselves over or reach out in fear of overwhelming you.” – getfitmindbodyandsoul via Instagram, Mama

“Try to look at the daily disasters and say…..”this will be funny later” and then snap a picture. I have a lot of pictures.” – Michelle Wadsworth Seymour, Mama

“Do whatever works for you and your baby.”  – kichter via Instagram, Mama

“Ohhh there are so many things I could say! But I’ll stick with this.. Do what’s best for you and YOUR baby! We co-slept with our first, and sleep trained our second baby. I didn’t care what anyone said about either options because they worked for our family. Do what works for YOU and don’t ever feel an ounce of guilt for it!”  – megkennedy529 via Instagram, Mama of 2

“Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed and ready to jump out a window to ask for help. Delegate that shit.  BTW, I’m still trying to practice what I preach. Being a control freak and a mama is tough.” – travelingmelsie via Instagram, Mama

“You may be tired and frustrated but don’t get discouraged because you are doing an amazing job.” – Dan, Daddio

“I would tell her to seek out advice from other moms who have been there so she doesn’t feel uncertain. I would suggest she plan to get babysitters once in awhile (even early) so she can have time alone and with her spouse.” – Jason D., Daddio to 2

“For you to be the best parent you can be, you have to be balanced in your own life. So, don’t be afraid to take care of Mama; every husband wants to know how to help, so make sure to communicate your needs since he wants to get it right but probably doesn’t know what you need and/or when you need it.” – Carl Z., Daddio to 3

For the rest of the list, view the full article on FIT4MOM’s Blog here.

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